Mentoring & Support for Dog Pro's

Empowering you to create a business that works for you 
and a life that you love...

without the stress and overwhelm of admin and tech issues.


Ready to evolve your business or,
 throw in the towel?

Are you at that place in your business where things really need to change?

Feeling the overwhelm of trying to run a business single-handedly and pay all the bills?

Suffering from compassion fatigue trying to serve too many people and their dogs?

Struggling to find work-life balance?

Fed up with admin & tech issues that take up valuable time & energy, leaving you exhausted and frustrated?

Your business should be working FOR you, not against you!

You should have freedom to control your schedule!

You should get to choose the clients you work with in a way that feels right for you!

What would be possible if...

You could get affordable, reliable, personalised guidance and support with:

  Streamlining your admin processes and workflows saving you valuable time

 Creating offerings & services that are aligned with you!

Tech support with websites, course platforms, Canva, mailing lists, etc.

Branded marketing materials, client handouts & documents

Mindset coaching and mentoring for your own well-being, balance and self-development


 for Dog Pro's

Supporting YOU as a solopreneur to grow, evolve and make a difference for dogs and their people.

Helping you to implement systems and services that will leverage your time & energy,
And,  supporting your own well-being so that you get to enjoy the life that you love!

Here's a few of the things that I can help you with:

  • Get clarity around what a business aligned to you and your needs really looks like.
  • Get personalised guidance and support from someone who knows the industry and has stood in your shoes.
  • Get back-end tech support so that you don't have to spend any more time getting frustrated.
  • Get your booking systems and processes streamlined, reducing time spent on admin.
  • Get info-graphics, client documents, learning and course materials designed and branded for you.
  • Get 1:1 coaching and support to help you stay inspired and motivated as you build the business of your dreams.
  • Get tools and self-care routines to enhance your wellbeing, and prevent burnout and emotional fatigue. 
  • Get someone who is committed and passionate to seeing you succeed, and to be there for you every step of the way. 

get started today

Would you like to get un-stuck and move forward with passion & purpose?

I invite you to jump onto a free, no-obligations CLARITY CALL call with me.   This is your chance to have a breakthrough and get guidance & inspiration for the next steps that will lead you to creating the business of your dreams.

Your free bonuses 

All three bonuses come with the purchase of any of my business offers:

Your own E-Book

An eye-catching, E-book or workbook template that you can customized and re-brand using Canva, giving you an instant generation / sales funnel tool.

Social Media Templates

20 x ready-made social media graphic templates which are  easy to customize and share straight to Facebook or Instagram

Presentation Slides

A ready-to-go slide presentation on 'Dog Body Language', which you can customize and present to your clients & incorporate in your packages! 

This is absolutely for you if...

  • You want affordable, personalised support to help you grow your business.
  • You want help with designing products and services that are aligned with your needs, core values and the vision you have of your dream business and lifestyle.
  • You need back-end tech support in creating and implementing your project, and you want to learn how to do this yourself too.
  • You would love to have a nurturing coach and mentor by your side,  to help you to develop un-shakeable belief in yourself and your business.
  • You need help organising and streamlining your systems so that you get to spend more time doing what you love - supporting people and their dogs!

You may want to keep looking if...

  • You want to hire a team of professionals to run your business for you.
  • You want to scale to a 6-figure business in 6 weeks!
  • You want a quick, one-size-fits-all, plug-and-play programme
  • You have no interest in building a lasting, sustainable business, you are just in this for a quick buck.
  • You don't believe that you or your business are worth the investment.  
  • You are simply looking for a VA to take over admin activities.
  • You want help planning your daughter's wedding or graduation event - sorry, I don't take on any projects just for the money, I get to choose working with the clients I love,  in my area of expertise. :-)

 " Sue, I would never have imagined how much I’d gain from this process!
 Not only have I learned how to successfully approach a project with clarity, but also how important it is to manage my time more easily by chunking the process down into baby steps.
This saved me from becoming overwhelmed with the big picture by going step by step in the most logical order.
 It was so comforting to have you at the helm as we organized everything but more importantly, how incredibly easy and fun you made the whole process. I had no idea I was going to get such a huge amount of support and material produced for me outside of our weekly coaching calls.
Coaching me on my mindset, keeping that front and center as we moved along was invaluable! So thanks again for going above and beyond what I was expecting and for instilling the confidence in me that I can repeat this process easily again and again." 

Pat Thorne
Family Dog Mediator - Life With Dogs

Unlocking your potential, to maximize your growth!

I'm Sue Mimm

I am a certified dog trainer and holistic behaviour coach, with almost 10 years experience in this industry.  I enjoy working with people and their dogs and creating programmes that provide them with the knowledge, skills and support to live a balanced and happy life together.  
But,  what I really LOVE even more is supporting dog professionals who want to create a life of passion and purpose.  
I have witnessed so many of my colleagues give up on their dreams because they lack the skills, tools and guidance on how to become a successful solopreneur.  They end up stressed and burnt-out, with no direction and no time for themselves, their dogs and families.    It pains me to watch this happen. You deserve better, we all do.
So, I decided to put the valuable expertise that I gathered in my previous careers in tourism, sustainability projects, event management, networking, marketing & communications, to help fellow dog professionals get un-stuck, find clarity and take inspired action every single day to build the business & lifestyle they desire.
I would be honoured to be your guide on this journey.

In my free time I love taking walks in nature with my dogs, listening to music, podcasts & audiobooks, meditating, crafting, and preparing healthy meals for my family and the pups.  I live in the beautiful Austrian alps and love to travel and meet new people.  I am a passionate, life-long learner.

Limited Opportunity to get
One-to-One Personal Support

I am committed to giving you my dedicated time, expertise and back-end support on a 1:1 individual basis
for maximum benefit and best results.
This means I am only able to serve a limited number of people at any one time,
so make sure you don't leave it until it's too late , or the waitlist will be too long! 

Inspired Project 

€ 500

Intensive support for 1 month

Start-to-Finish  tailored support for your specific project, eg:

  • Website design
  • Event planning & promotion
  • Seamless customer journey (booking process & documents from start to finish) 
  • Mini - Course  / Workshop / Webinar creation
  • Ebook /  Lead Generation / Sales Funnel creation
  • Client handouts & learning material 
  • Short Animated Videos for promotions / marketing / social media
  • Includes: 4 x 1:1 Zoom Sessions (1 hour calls) - scheduled weekly.
  • Planning & action steps with 4 hours back-end and tech support.
  • In between support and accountability check-ins via messenger and email.
  • Project management tools and coaching to keep you on track, organised and moving forward.

Shift Align Shine

€ 375 / month

Three instalments - total € 1125

Tailored to your needs incl. tech support, design & creation of marketing & course materials, streamlining systems, processes & documentation, mentoring  & coaching support

  • Get clarity and create offerings & services that are aligned with you and the life you love.
  • Automate your business processes and documentation for more ease & flow for you and your clients.
  • Grow your audience, extend your local reach and discover creative new income streams.
  • Design & creation of promotional / marketing / course material. 
  • Coaching on self-care practices, time management incorporating holistic tools to support your own well-being.
  • Includes: 10 x 1:1 Zoom Sessions (1 hour calls) - scheduled weekly or as needed within a 12 week period. 
  • Planning & action steps and  10 hours of back-end support to help get systems up and running, eg setting up a mailing list & design of lead generation elements (mini-course, webinar, workshop, e-books, etc), client journey systems in place.
  •  In between support and accountability check-ins via messenger.
  •  Mindset coaching to help clear limiting beliefs that get in our way of taking action and getting results for your business & with clients.

Evolve Programme

€ 375 / month

Three instalments - total € 1125

A fully guided 12 week programme incorporating an integrated, holistic and heart-centred coaching approach to support your clients and their dogs on a journey of meaningful & lasting change

  • Learn my signature programme: Paws Reflect Connect, and how you can implement this with your own clients.
  • Coaching and mentoring techniques that inspire clients to take action towards a new vision for themselves and their dog.
  • Holistic toolkit that supports balance & wellbeing for everyone!
  • Finding your niche and creating your signature offer. 
  • Designing  & creating your sales funnel eg. e-book / workshop / challenge or webinar to promote your signature offer.
  • Support with putting together tailor-made course & marketing materials, as well as back-end tech support.
  • Mentoring guidance on working with your clients and their dogs.
  • Includes: 10 x 1:1 Zoom Sessions (1 hour calls) - scheduled weekly or as needed within a 12 week period.
  • 10 hours of back-end & tech support.
  • In between support and accountability check ins.
  • Project management tools and mindset coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best place to start is to book your free Clarity Call with me.  We can have a chat about where you are at right now and what your biggest struggles are.  I will help you to get clarity on the best options for you moving forward.

All of my programmes include dedicated 1:1 support around planning, design and implementation of your projects and offerings, as well as allocated back-end and tech support.  When it comes to tech / business systems, apps, platforms, etc. I will offer a number of options which I have tried and tested myself, and which offer great service and value.  The majority of these are free of charge, or at least have a free plan or trial option.  I will work together with you to find the most cost effective / no-cost options that meet your needs and serve the purpose.  

If you would like me to assist with website design this will be covered in the 'Inspired Project Plan', however the costs for hosting your website, registration of domain name, subscriptions, etc will be for your own account. There are a number of customizable website templates available starting from zero to around $500 which you can choose from. I use and recommend Wix  & New Zenler hosting platforms.

Absolutely not.  That's one of the reasons I am here for you, to help you with the tech stuff.  I will do some of the more challenging stuff for you, eg. getting your systems set up, courses & websites uploaded, etc.  But, I will also teach you how to navigate the platforms and systems, so that you don't have to always rely on having to pay someone else to do it for you.  I will go at your pace, with lots of step by step instructional videos to help you along the way.  

What Clients Are Saying

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you Sue. You have been awesome. I would not have imagined that I would be where I am now and that I have actually run a mini course and have my paid for course aligned and lined up too!"

Dawn Allen,  Four Positive Paws

"You're my guardian angel, tbh. I have so many ideas but they stop dead as soon as I have to use tech! Thrilled about this. Love the quality of your video and the beautifully transparent way you explain things."

Rosee Riggs, Separation Anxiety Dog Training

"The Evolve Programme is a "must-do" for anyone in this industry aiming to thrive and contribute for a more compassionate and understanding approach of our dogs and their guardians"

Ana Pacheco, from Aiyana Dogs

"I had no idea at the start of the Evolve course just how big a shift it would create and how much I would level up.
Sue packs in so much valuable and beautifully presented content. She manages to achieve a perfect balance between being gently encouraging and yet knowing when to push you outside your comfort zone - without which, growth and progress isn’t really possible. 
I found it both exciting, exhilarating and at times, a little overwhelming, as I went from feeling stuck and uncreative to being caught up in a flow of new ideas that I couldn’t wait to deliver to my clients.   
The course covers the practical, creative and technical elements of bringing our services to our target audience. I have much still to learn but I’ve gained at least a ground level understanding of the processes and the tools I need to get there. I now have a clear idea of where I am going with my business and how to get there. 
Most noticeably, I’ve transformed from feeling content to hide in the shadows waiting for clients to find me, to feeling empowered enough to put myself out there and share with the world what I have to offer.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course, it has so much to offer on so many levels" 

Lynne Hockney
Canine Conscious

Are you ready to invest in yourself and get the support you need, 
so that your business can flourish & so can you?