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Helping you to transform with your dog, through your dog, and for your dog

So that you can both enjoy a life even better than you dreamed of!

Do you believe that your dog came into your life for a reason?

Perhaps it was initially that you wanted to give your dog a loving home and a family that cared for him/her.
Maybe you wanted a furry companion to journey through life with you, enjoying adventures together.

But, I guess it didn't quite work out as you expected?
Your dog's past history, their trauma, or even for no apparent reason at all, they are struggling to cope in certain situations or with life in general.  

Your dog is hyper-sensitive, easily stressed, easily aroused, anxious or over-reactive,
 making life difficult for both of you.

You have been searching for answers on how to support your dog.  You have tried training, behaviour modification, taken courses, read books and more...

You have struggled to support your dog to be more grounded, calm and resilient , and YOU have also been affected by their behaviours. 

You long for a life with less stress and more harmony.  You long for a deep heart-connected partnership with your dog and a life filled with joy and ease.

I believe our special dogs provide US with exactly what we need to learn & grow.

And, that's exactly why I created this course for you and your dog.

To help you to get rid of the fears, limiting beliefs and all the blocks that are keeping you stuck or holding you back from reaching your true potential.  To help you to become more grounded, calm and connected, so that you can support your dog to do the same.

Are you ready to go deeper?

Are your ready to find out what it truly possible when we combine neuroscience, mindset coaching, behaviour science, intuition and the wisdom of the heart?


4 Part Live Workshop

In this workshop we will be taking a deep dive below the surface of our dog's behaviour, and discovering the why, how and who you and your dog really are, and how you are wired for connection and co-regulation.
 In this engaging workshop you will learn how to shift perspective, align to your true self and tame your nervous system & mind so that you and your dog can shine!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Short, pre-recorded, informative video lessons aimed at deepening understanding about the mind-body connection, from the perspective of you and your dog.
  • Live discussions and Q&A weekly via Zoom.
  • Private community to share experiences with like-minded dog-folk, get feedback and support.
  • Weekly worksheets with key points from the lessons as well as exercises and activities for you to explore with your dog.
  • Full support and coaching throughout the 4 weeks.
  • Ongoing access to all the course materials, so that you can re-visit the lessons and Zoom replays at any time.

Book your seat

Limited spaces available

This is a small, intimate group course and spaces are limited to maximum 15 people.
That way I can guarantee maximum support and a safe space for open sharing and discussions.
This course is only run twice a year, so don't miss out on this opportunity - I promise you won't regret it!!

 "As usual Sue gives us a holistic and profound approach to find and grow our relationship and connection with our dogs. It's an intense & life changing workshop that helps you to get in touch with who we really are and what's the meaning of our dog's journey in our lives. You will learn a lot and evolve together in a safe space of sharing and caring for everyone and our life 4-legged companions."

Ana Pacheco
Aiyana Dogs

Hey there, I'm Sue

Dog behaviour consultant, conscious dog-mom, mentor and holistic wellbeing practitioner.
I’m here to tell you that your dog is not a social misfit.
Nor are they disobedient, un-trainable or broken in some way. And, It’s not your fault either. It’s not because you messed up or didn’t train your dog properly.

I know personally what it's like to live with a sensitive, easily aroused and socially challenged dog. I learnt the hard way - through trial and error, tears and tantrums. At times I felt overwhelmed, embarrassed and frustrated by my dog’s socially inept behaviour.

But now we have come out the other side and live a life of harmony, cooperation and enjoy a soul-deep connection.

We now enjoy the life that I always dreamed of - camping, walks in nature and travelling in our free time. Life is not perfect - we are forever learning and growing. But, we have learnt what it takes for us to calmly navigate social situations, and have steadily built the resilience we need to handle the stressful events which inevitably show up along the way. 

Course Curriculum

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    4 Week Online Workshop Fully supported with Weekly Live Zoom Discussions and Q&A Sessions Pre-recorded video lessons & exercises.

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