Calm Connection Workshop

Next live workshop begins: 24 November 22

Providing caring dog guardians with the tools and techniques to master their 'inner zen' and support their sensitive, anxious and over-reactive dogs in any situations where calm control and grounded presence is required.

Course Curriculum
4 modules delivered over 4 weeks.

  Module 1 - Get Grounded!
 Grounding techniques & exercises bring us into the present moment and help us to feel safe. When we are grounded, we can be the anchor that our dogs need to help them cope better in challenging situations. We will explore how grounding works to put the brakes on the fight / flight / freeze response, by using our 5 senses to get centred and reconnected with earth’s protective and stabilising energy.
Module 2 - Magical Touch
 In this module we will explore hands-on techniques that we can use on our dogs, to help them be more calm, self-aware and present. From relaxing techniques to balancing chakras and therapeutic touch, you will learn how to gently affect the nervous system, helping to release tension and enhance feelings of safety, calm and wellbeing. These practises also enhance connection and trust between you and your dog, and allow you to access that deep heart-connection.

Module 3 - Aromatic Anchoring
 Discover how to gain greater control over your thoughts and emotions by anchoring them with essential oils. This process allows us to instantaneously create a positive mind state, by intentionally creating associations between your favourite plant aroma and the emotional state that it induces in us. This module includes a beautiful guided meditation to help you discover your personal essential oil favourites which will then become your anchors.
Module 4 - Turn on your Vagus!
 By stimulating your Vagus nerve, you can instantly send messages from your body to the brain that it's time to relax and de-stress. Using quick, easy and highly effective exercises, that you can do anywhere, anytime - we can turn on feelings of safety, and with some practise, these will help to improve overall mood, wellbeing and resilience.  

Sue Mimm

Professional dog behaviour consultant, conscious dog-mom, coach and holistic wellbeing practitioner.

I’m here to tell you that your dog is not a social misfit.  Nor are they disobedient, untrainable or broken in some way.
And, It’s not your fault either.  It’s not because you messed up or didn’t train your dog properly.

I know personally what it's like to live with a sensitive, easily aroused and socially challenged dog.  

I learnt the hard way - through trial and error, tears and tantrums.  At times I felt overwhelmed, embarrassed and frustrated by my dog’s socially inept behaviour. 
But now we have come out the other side and live a life of harmony, cooperation and enjoy a soul-deep connection.  Not only do I now know how best to support my dogs in all social situations, but we also enjoy the life that I always dreamed of - camping, walks in nature and travelling in our free time.

Life is not perfect - we are forever learning and growing. 

But, we have learnt what it takes for us to calmly navigate social situations,
and have steadily built the resilience we need to handle the stressful events which inevitably show up along the way.

What participants have to say

 "This workshop is especially good for people who get pulled into their dog’s (or other people’s) drama. Take this course to take back your own sense of peace and calmness.
We had such a supportive group of participants, it was a wonderful experience." ~ Jennifer

 "A clearly presented course with supporting tools to really help you get the most out of it.  Many different options of finding calm & confidence were presented to allow the attendee to mould what they learnt to their own lifestyle.  I never fail to enjoy time listening to and learning from Sue."  ~ Ros

 "This workshop was amazing and worth every penny. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone going through stressful times with their dog. It will help you and your dog. Thank you so much Sue for the insights and takeaways into our daily routines."   ~ Ali

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