10 Day Connection Challenge 

Feeling heavy with the responsibility of living with a sensitive, anxious or over-reactive dog?  Is your relationship being affected and day to day life with your dog feels hard?
Are you ready to turn things around with a 10 day relationship boost?  
Get inspiration, fresh perspectives, new ideas and fun activities , that will build trust and connection.

What You'll Learn:

  • Day 1. Embrace Today - let go of the past and commit to changing your relationship right here, right now and for the future - one step at a time.
  • Day 2.  Find the Joy - our dogs are masters at finding joy in the simplest things.  Let them show you how to find more joy every day.
  • Day 3.  Create a New Habit - the best way to set clear and kind boundaries and avoid conflict is by creating good habits.
  • Day 4.  Communicate with Clarity - get creative and teach your dog a simply skill using only your body language and voice in a clear and kind way.
  • Day 5. The Power of Choice -  Allowing your dog to make his own choices is both empowering and builds trust and confidence.
  • Day 6. Grounded and Present - discover the interplay of energy between you and your dog and how to create a feeling of calm & safety.
  • Day 7. Discover your Inner Child - shift your mood instantly with spontaneous play, free play or simply 'being' with your dog.
  • Day 8. Step Back and Take a Breath. Drop the fear, stop the nagging, breathe and go with the flow.
  • Day 9. The Power of Touch: Activate the 'feel good' hormones and deepen your bond through gentle touch and massage.
  • Day 10. Heart Connection:  Connecting at a deep level, that brings peace, calm and a sense of well being and love.

Grow Trust * Improve Communication * Deepen Communication * Find More Joy

Your dog will thank you for it!

 "I am loving this 10-day challenge Sue, you have put together a very thoughtful, well put together programme for us.  I am so enjoying the prompts each day and can feel how being mindful of my connection with Mollie-Mab our bond is growing each day.  Thank you so much."   ~ Ali Spence

 "Thanks for a beautiful 10-day journey.  It was wonderful to Paws, Reflect, and Connect and I enjoyed starting each day with your inspiring videos. Chase and I had a great time and deepened our bond.

~ Linda Andrews

 "It´s the last day of the connection challenge and it´s been such a wonderful experience! Thanks very much Sue for such a great challenge and all the time, work and love you have put into it.  And,  thank you for helping me to realise that I have the most loveable and innocent little dog I could have asked for."  ~ Florine Eni